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5. The Worm

Purpose: Fundamental for all Irish ornaments.
Credit: Markus Tullberg (who got it from Jörgen Fischer) - Malmö, Sweden 2015


  • Start the D-Drone and 60 BPM Metronome.

  • Play low D as powerfully and steadily as before, keeping all fingers down throughout this exercise.

  • Execute a 'flicky' movement with the ring finger D

    • Raise and lower it instantly.

    • This is the Irish ornament known as 'cut'.

  • Perform this 'flicky' movement on the middle finger E, and again with the index finger F#.

    • When you lift the fingers, no note should be heard, only the low D being 'cut' twice.

    • Listen to how the tone sounds between these cuts.

    • It’s easy to focus too much on the fingers. Remember the first exercise and strive to maintain the best tone possible.

  • Use the metronome to execute these cuts on the beat.

    • First D (ring finger), then E (middle finger), then F# (index finger) in the sequence D, E, F#.

  • The next three fingers are: E (long), then F# (index), then G (ring finger on the other hand).

  • Repeat each trio of fingers two to five times in a row before moving on to the next trio.

The entire exercise is as follows:
D,E,F# E,F#,G F#,G,A G,A,B A,B,A *** B,A,G A,G,F# G,F#,E F#,E,D E,D,E

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