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8. Chromatics

Purpose: Understand where all notes are and be able to find them quickly.
Credit: Markus Tullberg  (Who got it from Anders Ljungar-Chapelon) - Malmö, Sweden 2015


  • Start a metronome of your preference.

    • Aim for a steady and clear tone throughout all exercises.

  • Play D and ascend chromatically up to F#.

    • You can play 1, 2, or even 4 notes per beat.

  • Play from F# chromatically back down to D.

    • The sequence is as follows: D D# E F F# F E D# D

  • Repeat the same from D# to G.

  • Take a deep breath (without making a sound).

  • Return from G back to D#.

    • This sequence is: D# E F F# G F# F E D#


  • Continue in the same manner from E through all the notes of the instrument.

    • Eventually, you will be able to play both octaves up and down fluidly, like running water.

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