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9. Major Scales

Purpose: Become familiar with all 12 major keys.
Credit: Markus Tullberg - Malmö, Sweden 2015

The tunes are the Swedish traditional tune; ‘Träskodansen’ (The Clog Dance) and a very popular Irish polka; ‘Britches Full of Stitches’.


  • Learn one or both of these tunes by heart in G major.

    • The last note in Träskodansen becomes the first note when the tune is played in C major.

  • Master the tune in C major, then proceed to F major, and so on.

    • The tune follows a counter-clockwise path around the circle of fifths.

  • Visualize the circle to form a mental image of your current position and your intended direction.

  • Apply the same process to the polka.

    • It travels the circle in a clockwise direction.

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