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1. Long Notes

Purpose: Start up the respiratory system and build stability.

Credit: Eamonn Cotter - Ennis, Ireland 2013

  • Start the D-Drone.

  • Take a deep breath (silently) and play any note in the key of D.

    • Pay attention to how the flute resonates with the drone.

  • Strive to play as powerfully as you can for the longest duration possible.

    • If the tone starts to diminish, confidently bring it to a close. In doing so, you’re also honing your ability to execute clear endings. Repeat this process multiple times with notes that you’re inclined to play.

  • Listen and feel how the different tones harmonize with the drone.

  • Take another deep breath, but this time aim to play as softly as possible.

    • Maintain this for as long as you can while still preserving the pitch and stability.

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