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3. Intonation

Purpose: Flexible embouchure and improve your ear.

Credit: Conor Crimmins - Limerick, Ireland 2016


  • Start the G-Drone and play G.

  • Using only your embouchure and the power of your airflow, lower the pitch as close to an F# as possible.

    • Visualize your mouth 'giving up' or relaxing. Your mouth descends almost entirely, but a tone still remains.

  • You have now played G and lowered the pitch (as well as one could today).

    • It’s acceptable if the strength is low at this point.

  • Position your index finger on F# and simultaneously increase the airflow and elevate the embouchure.

    • This raises the pitch to match the F#.

  • Attempt to align the 'lowered-G-F#' with a regular F#.

    • Naturally, this technique can be applied between any notes. Experiment and enjoy the process!

    • The objective is for the embouchure to stretch, thereby becoming more flexible and relaxed.

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