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2. Natural Tone Scale

Purpose: Strengthen tone and find the optimal positions for the embouchure.

Credit: Markus Tullberg & Andreas Ralsgård - Malmö, Sweden 2015


  • Start the D-Drone and 60 BPM Metronome.

  • Hold the flute lightly and relax into the sound of the instrument.

    • Keep all fingers down throughout the entire exercise.

  • Take a deep breath and play low D, then the second octave D2 without lifting the index finger (B).

    • Do not articulate these two notes separately. Focus on the transition area between the octaves and practice this passage repeatedly.

    • Imagine the sheet music in front of you, and we’re 'zooming in' on the specific notes we want to practice at the moment.

    • Continue practising until the difficulty unravels.

    • Then, 'zoom out' until the passage flows smoothly, like running water.

  • When you’re ready, repeat the process from D2 to the next note in the natural tone scale, A2, keeping all fingers down and avoiding note separation.

    • Notice how the embouchure adjusts between the two notes, D2 and A2.

  • Apply the same approach from A2 to D3.

  • Finally play D1 - D2 - A2 - D3 and back again

    • Be mindful of your breathing.

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