Here you can learn Irish traditional tunes in a more fun way with drones and metronomes all in one place.

In this project I record as many tunes as I know in both slow and faster tempo.

I use Henrik Norbeck's ABC and for the sheetmusic.


This project is created by Jon Antonsson; musician, tutor & photographer from Sweden. Troels Kærgaard Vanghøj and Anton Sandqvist play on some of the recordings. ​Thank you Ríona Ní Chonbhuí for proofreading the english!


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10 Essential Exercises For Irish Flute Playing

Detailed instructions in:


The tunes are listed in the order they were recorded.

Use ctrl + f  on those pages to search as long as you know what tunetype you're looking for.


They will help you play in time, in pitch, improvise or meditate.

Use the Circle of Fifths to help you practice any scales you want!


The tunes are played as I learnt them and are not always played as the score says.

In some tunes my dear friend Troels Kærgaard Vanghøj is playing.


Both the melody and chords varies. If you are unsure, look up the notations at Norbeck's or The Session.

The speed of the tunes can be changed if you listen to the youtube versions.

The lyrics in the songs are not definitive in any way.


It takes a lot of time and energy to maintain the website, record the tunes, play them properly and clearly, arrange a good and interesting accompaniment, edit, mix and master the tunes, create drones and metronomes, play the metronomes in time, write a flute school in three languages, create a flute school video for each exercise, create videos for each tune for youtube and maintain my own level of playing.


So... If you find good use of this website, the tunes, the exercises. Or if you like the music I make or just want to help a fellow out you are more than welcome to send a contribution or buy some of the music I make via the links at the top or below.


Thank You so much for your support!